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October 18, 2014

Before having your custom scarves manufactured, the first major step is to determine and fine-tune your needs. Among the frequently asked questions to ANNE TOURAINE USA Custom Scarves &Ties is “Which size would you recommend?”.

To help you make the right scarf size decision, here are four points you should consider: 

#1: Budget

ANNE TOURAINE USA Custom Scarves & Ties manufactures all sizes of custom-made scarves - from extra large scarves to pocket scarves -in all kinds of fabrics and therefore offers many different price options.


#2: Corporate gift or Associate's uniform?

Will the custom scarf you need be offered as a present (to customers, donors, club members etc…) or are you looking for a nice way to accessorize your staff’s uniform? 

If it is a gift, you want to both please and impress your customers or members with a prestigious scarf they will love to wear…. If your budget allows it, opt for 36"x36” silk twill scarves or 27"x27” silk twill scarves: these two classic sizes are synonymous with European timeless elegance. You cannot go wrong!

That being said, specific businesses – such as the cosmetic industry – are often seeking inexpensive promotional gifts. In this case, a pocket square scarf (10"x10” to 22"x22”) or a silk twilly are fabulous options. Pocket square scarves look stylish on women’s or men’s jackets as well. Twillies are fun and trendy accessories women can easily tie around their neck or handbag.

If you intend to revamp your company’s uniform, then your choice depends very much on the type of business you are in. You want your staff to look elegant, to be in harmony with the Company’s dress and color codes and at the same time to feel comfortable all day long. Waiters and waitresses will feel more at ease with a smaller scarf: a 27"x27” is a perfect size - which suits both men and women. Flight attendants, bank employees or receptionists can easily wear a larger scarf (square 36"x36” or oblong 62"x26”).

Custom made scarves and custom made ties: ANNE TOURAINE USA is the manufacturer you need.


#3: Size vs. Fabric

Polyester is more affordable than silk yet it is a flimsy fabric. If for money reasons you decide to go for polyester, stay away from extra large scarves. They might not look as elegant as you thought.

If you choose silk fabric, remember that there are different types of silk and that some give better results depending on the size / shape of the scarf. Silk twill is usually more appropriate with 36"x36” or 27"x27” scarves whereas silk chiffon (a lightweight fabric) is perfect with oblong scarves or extra large square scarves (such as for example with 55"x55” scarves).


#4: Design / logo

Most logos can be re-sized and adapted on small or large scarves. Yet some designs – yours or the one we will create for you – work better on square scarves whereas others look nicer on oblong scarves.

Discuss about your specific needs with scarf professionals. Consult  ANNE TOURAINE USA Custom Scarves & Ties and get advice from our experts.