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General terms & conditions of our services

General Terms & Conditions of our custom neckwear services



Our website offers a  Request for Quotation Form designed to help you define and describe your custom neckwear project. Please enter all necessary elements: your contact information, company, website, requested quantities, sizes, required delivery date, etc. If you have your artwork ready and logo available, we invite you to upload your files (max 10 MB per file). This will help us determine and suggest the best manufacturing options. A message board allows you to enter specific requests and comments regarding your neckwear project. Please note we will be unable to provide you with a quotation if essential information is missing.



Based on the information you provide in your request, we write and send you a detailed quotation. In addition to prices, we accurately describe your future custom scarves, custom ties and/or custom pocket squares and, if necessary or requested, we suggest different options for your consideration. All our quotations always contain Specific Terms and Conditions related to your neckwear project and also invite customers to read the present applicable General Terms and Conditions.



When you decide to place an order with us, we send you a pro forma invoice for the deposit, generally representing 50% of the total amount of the project (100% for samples). Payment of the deposit can be made by credit card, company check or wire transfer. Please ask about our payment information if you want to pay your deposit by check or wire transfer. Please note that paid deposits are non-refundable. By paying your deposit, you or your company makes a legally binding contract with us. All our invoices clearly refer to the present applicable General Terms and Conditions. By ordering from us (i.e. paying the deposit), customers accept these terms and conditions for their entire project.



► When designs / artwork are provided by customers, they remain strictly their property. Our company will never share your artwork. If you would like us to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, please send us your agreement for review or request our standard one. Please note our company cannot be held responsible if the designs / artwork you provide contain visual or any other digital defects. When a customer provides an artwork, we assume they own the full rights of use to reproduce this artwork on custom made neckwear. Our company cannot be held responsible for any customer's copyright infringements. 

► When designs / artwork are created for you by our company free of charge (whether based or non-based on your brand elements), they remain strictly our property, according to the terms and regulations of the Copyright Law of the United States of America. If you decide to contract with another vendor, please note that the designs / artwork we created for you free of charge cannot be used by any other Parties. If you decide to confirm your order with us or to put on hold or drop your project after having received our free designs / artwork, our company grants itself the right to use them for its own online  design expertise & capabilities promotion. This work will be displayed as " designed for..." artwork or featured with your logo. Please note that by free of charge designs, we mean a reasonable time spent on your artwork (generally 3 to 4 hours). If due to customer indecision and/or requests for numerous changes despite our designing recommendations, the designing time goes over this reasonable time, the customer will be warned about a possible designing fee.

► When designs / artwork are created by our company and a design fee applies, we do accept transfer of copyright ownership if order for your neckwear series is placed with us.



Our custom neckwear are manufactured in France or China, depending on the customer choice, budget and timeline. When an order is placed and designs / artwork fully approved by both customer and us, the sampling phase and/or production series are launched. Please note the following points regarding production:

►  Quality first! All our custom printed scarves, ties and pocket squares are inspected during all phases of the production. Those that do not pass our strict quality controls are neither delivered nor charged to our customers.

 Samples: Samples can be requested by the customer to check the quality and color rendering of their neckwear, especially for large series. Samples are charged to the customer and their cost is fully deducted from the series price for orders over 1,000 pieces of the same design. Please note that you might have slight variations between the sample(s) you receive and the final products of your series, due to fabric treatments and hand craftsmanship. 

 Sizes: Because our custom scarves, custom ties and custom pocket squares are handmade, final dimensions may vary slightly from the original designs / artwork.

 Colors when we digitally print:Despite our total commitment to do our best, when your products are digitally printed, (a) the back of your scarves and pocket squares (not ties) can be lighter than the front due to the penetration limitation of the ink through some fabrics and (b) the resulting colors may differ slightly when compared to the original designs / artwork. If necessary and when possible, photos are sent to the customer for final approval of the pre-series products. The customer fully accepts these terms when an order with us for digitally printed scarves, ties and pocket squares.

 Colors when we screen print: Screen printing is the best way to obtain the best color rendering. It is based on the Pantone™ color (Coated) numbers you provide or we define for each color. This production method is always recommended when the designs / artwork have a limited number of colors and do not contain any color gradients.

 Over and Under-Runs: In some cases, because our products are mainly handmade, the final quantity of manufactured neckwear can vary from the original ordered quantity (generally 2 to 3% of over or under-runs). Final invoice is adjusted accordingly.

 Production time: Production time is clearly indicated in our quotations. In very rare cases, a delay of 2 or 3 days can occur, due to customs inspections of your products when entering the U.S. territories. Our company cannot be held responsible for such delays.

 Updates: When possible, we send you photos of your products before (pre-production sample) and/or after the production. We always update you about the production progress and the estimated date of delivery.



All our custom scarves, custom ties and custom pocket squares are shipped from our US base located in Sarasota, Florida, USA when final invoice is paid in full, unless otherwise specified in our initial quotation.

 For all our Customers:

We contact you before shipping to advise and ask the way you want us to ship your custom scarves, custom ties and/or custom pocket squares if not specified and co-accepted in our initial quotation. When your products are shipped, we send you a tracking number and an estimated date of delivery. Please note our company cannot be held responsible in case of delay from the carrier you or we selected and/or loss due to a wrong delivery address provided to us. Please also note that we do not ship to P.O. Boxes and that Military APO/FPO/DPO addresses cannot receive guaranteed shipping.

 For our International Customers (outside the U.S.A.):

Unless otherwise specified in our initial quotation, our prices DO NOT include any kind of non U.S. local taxes, VAT and customs duties. Before ordering, it is recommended you contact your local Tax and Customs Authorities for more information and exact applicable taxes.



We guarantee the custom scarves, custom ties and /or custom pocket squares you receive are in conformity with (a) their description and the terms of our initial quotation, (b) designs / artwork you approved when placing your order, (c) our pre- and post-order communication and (d) our current General Terms & Conditions presented here. Each product is individually inspected and packed with care in accordance with our quality procedures. When you receive your custom products, if you notice any defects within 2 days after the effective delivery date, please contact us immediately. We will do our best to resolve the issue.  Return address: ANNE TOURAINE USA - PO Box 642 - Osprey, Florida 34229 - USA.

 Last update: January 21st, 2017