Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of ordering custom scarves and custom ties from the same manufacturer?

By choosing ANNE TOURAINE USA for your custom scarf and tie project, you save time, energy and money. You have a single contact, which makes the entire process more efficient. By working with the same manufacturer, your custom scarves, ties, bow ties and/or pocket squares will be of the same high quality. Also when you place a larger order rather than several separate smaller orders with different providers, you will save money on product prices, shipping costs and more, and your order will arrive at the same time.


What countries does ANNE TOURAINE USA Custom Scarf and Tie Division serve?

Our Custom Scarf and Tie Division mainly serves clients in the U.S.A. and Canada, where custom ties, custom scarves and corporate gifts are very popular for staff uniforms, trade shows, gifts, etc. We operate this division from Sarasota, Florida. Our geographical proximity to our clients ensures responsiveness and the best service. As a U.S. corporation registered in the State of Florida, ANNE TOURAINE USA guarantees you peace of mind and security in every aspect of your order.


I need women's scarves and men's ties. Can I have the same design for both?

It depends very much on the size of the initial design. A large design which is appropriate on a scarf cannot be identically reproduced on a tie, whereas a small and repetitive design - like logos scattered all over a scarf - can easily be turned into a tie design. But whatever the design, there are plenty of ways to have corresponding scarves and ties. Our team of designers is used to working on custom projects like this.


What do we need to create a design for you?

Any information you can provide is welcome. In addition to gathering all of your brand elements (logo, colors, etc.) before starting the design process, we will ask you to tell us more about your project. Is it for a special event? If so, would you like this event to be featured in the design? Do you want your logo to be the main part of the design or do you want the logo to be subtle? Would you like to use your company's colors? Once we know more about your project, we will provide you with a quotation. Once we agree on the quote and payment conditions, our designers will start working on a design for you. For more information, please visit the custom scarves & pocket squares and custom ties & bow ties sections of our website.


What is a virtual sample?

A virtual sample, also called a draft design, is a digital representation of the custom scarf, tie, bow tie or pocket square our designers create for you on their computer systems, with the latest versions of edition and creation software such as Adobe Photoshop™. It gives you a very precise idea of what your final product will look like. This virtual sample can be modified at any time before the launch of the series to exactly meet your ideas and requirements. Once we agree on the final artwork, the series will be launched unless you request a physical sample. Please note that physical samples have a cost because they are individually produced just for you.


Can I receive samples of scarves or ties ANNE TOURAINE USA has previously manufactured to get a better sense of fabrics and colors?

You are more than welcome to ask, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request. Yet keep in mind that with all the fabric, size, color and printing possibilities, options are endless. So what we usually do is send potential clients swatches of fabrics to help them decide which fabric is the most appropriate for their project.


I need custom scarves and custom ties for my customers. What color and design should I choose to please everyone?

You know your customers. We don't. We trust you to make the right choice. Pleasing everyone (men and women, blondes and brunettes, younger and mature people) is not always easy; For a safe solution we recommend a simple and classic look. You want your customers to receive a scarf or a tie they will wear with pleasure in a variety of settings. If it is timeless and elegant, it will be easier to match with different outfits. The old saying "The simpler the better" applies to custom scarves and ties too!


What fabric do you recommend?

Fabric is strictly a matter of budget. ANNE TOURAINE USA offers a wide selection of fabrics for your custom scarves & pocket squares and custom ties & bow ties.For a prestigious uniform accessory or a special gift, we always recommend silk. Silk deserves the nickname it has been given -- "the queen of fabrics." It has natural temperature-regulating properties, and as long as it is fine silk fabric like the silk we use, it feels divine on the skin. Opt for polyester if your budget is limited. Just ask us and we will find the right option to meet your need and goal.


How do I maintain my custom tie?

Always gentle with your tie to avoid ruining its shape. When you take off your tie, simply unknot it. Never leave a knot on your tie when you are not wearing it -- you might create permanent creases. To recover its shape, your tie must "rest" unknotted in a hanging position. Finally, store your ties on a tie-rack or hanger away from dust and direct light.


How do I clean my custom silk scarves and silk ties?

Silk is a luxurious and delicate fabric which requires special care. Though hand washing using cold water and gentle soap is an option, there is always a risk of colors running or damaging the fabric. That is why we recommend dry cleaning. There are two things to keep in mind: (a) Avoid dry cleaning after each wear. Unlike other clothing, it is best to dry clean your silk scarves and ties only when they are really soiled, (b) make sure your dry cleaner is familiar with cleaning silk ties and scarves. Ask him specifically not to press your scarf or tie because this can cause the rolled edges to flatten and lose shape.


How can I keep my scarves and ties safe and sound when I am traveling?

For scarves the best option is to fold them neatly and keep them flat in your suitcase. For ties it's better to roll them instead of folding them. If you notice some wrinkles when you unpack, just hang your scarves or ties in your bathroom overnight. There is nothing better than a hot shower steam to remove light wrinkles (and, for you, to relax after a long trip!).


What is the ideal size for a tie?

Our classic ties are 3.2" wide (at the widest point of the tie) and 60" long. This standard size is the most common on the market because it fits most people.

We also offer the option of extra-long ties for taller men (63" long and above) who usually fit into the "big and tall" category.

As for the width, it depends on your job, style and interest in fashion. Skinny ties (2" wide) are a big trend among young people. But keep in mind that a standard-sized tie connotes professionalism and confidence. For more information about tie sizes, please visit the custom ties and bow ties section of our website.


Do you provide gift boxes?

All our custom scarves and ties come in an individual and free poly bag. If you need gift packaging, we can deliver your scarves in a white envelope or hard box and your custom ties in a white hard box for a small fee. If requested, we can also personalize these envelopes and boxes with your company's logo affixed on the packaging as a sticker or directly printed if quantities permit it.


What marketing services do you offer?

Our in-house graphic designers are skilled at creating brochures, line sheets, booklets, thank you notes and other printed marketing tools to promote your neckwear. Our in-house photographers have specific experience in scarf and tie photo shoots. They are experts in taking close-ups of scarves and ties and of lifestyle photos of models wearing them. Request this additional service and we will be happy to quote accordingly.


Other questions?

This section certainly does not cover all questions you may have. Please contact us and we will be pleased to diligently respond.


We look forward to serving you!