September 29, 2018 2 min read

When people contact ANNE TOURAINE USA Custom Scarves and Ties, it’s always the beginning of an exciting adventure! We suddenly embrace a brand’s story and feel invested of a mission: creating unique custom neck accessories which will convey the image of a company, commemorate a name or support the launching of a product is a huge responsibility!  

When we received a few days apart a request from the AYN RAND INSTITUTE (ARI) then another one from the SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRY (SCI) our team felt honored and thrilled! Both organizations needed custom corporate gifts to celebrate historical figures: the Russian-American novelist / philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982) for the former and the English chemist William Perkin (1838-1907) - the creator of the mauve color and of the first synthetic dye - for the latter.  

Creating custom scarvesties and bow ties in honor of one of the most famous American writers and one of the brightest English chemists was a challenge. The good point is ANNE TOURAINE USA Custom Scarves and Ties team loves challenges!

In agreement with the ARI, our designers decided to work around the NAME “John Galt” - the fictional hero of Ayn Rand’s book “Atlas shrugged” - and to pick the emblematic and recurrent sentence “Who is John Galt?” from her book. Purity, elegance and classiness were the guidelines to create the artwork.

Four different scarf mock-ups proposals were made, three pretty classic and one quite fancy. All of them were based on soft colors. Some of them would just feature “who is John Galt?” while others would also play with symbols (feather quills for writers, “φ” for philosophers).

custom-silk-scarves-ties-corporate-gifts-anne-touraine-usa (2)

As they finally opted for a matching scarf and tie, the ARI chose the minimalist version. And here is the result: a chic pair of a custom designed silk scarf and silk tie, both with delicate blue shades and a subtle touch of yellow.

custom-silk-scarves-ties-corporate-gifts-anne-touraine-usa (2)


custom-silk-scarves-ties-corporate-gifts-anne-touraine-usa (2)

The custom scarves, ties and bow ties SCI was looking for were, apparently, the simplest in the world: plain mauve; no logo, no brand; no pattern on the tie and just black polka dots on a mauve background for the scarves. Very simple indeed… except that 1) the mauve color had to be strictly faithful to the color William Perkin had invented 2) the scarves, ties and bow ties had to perfectly match… though made in different fabrics (silk chiffon for the scarves and silk twill for the men’s neck wear). No room for error! ANNE TOURAINE USA Custom Scarves and Ties production team took up the challenge and did an amazing job. After several printer calibration tests, the results were there! Perfectly matching mauve neck wear. Our customer was absolutely delighted when he saw the neck wear he had ordered... 

custom-silk-scarves-ties-bow-ties-pocket-squares-corporate-gifts-manufactureranne-touraine-usa (2)


The scarves, ties and bow ties arrived today. The colors are so rich and vibrant and the feel of fabric is luxurious. They are simply gorgeous! Thank you! Jennifer - SCI

If you too need custom scarves, ties, bow ties and / or pocket squares, send your request to ANNE TOURAINE USA Custom Scarves and Ties. We love challenges!