February 25, 2019 3 min read

You are looking for lightweight custom scarves but feel hesitant about the fabric, the size, the style. Trust ANNE TOURAINE USA Custom Scarves and Ties expertise. We create hundreds of thousands lightweight scarves every year and each series is tailor made to fit our clients’ needs. Here are a few helpful points to consider before you make a decision.   

► Fabric

Lightweight scarves come in many materials, from extremely light to medium light.

. Silk chiffon and polyester chiffon are among the lightest fabrics. Because both are sheer and airy, they allow an optimal ink penetration. In other words, the difference between the front and the back of the scarf is barely noticeable even when it is digitally printed and not screen printed.

Needless to say, silk chiffon has a nicer feel than polyester chiffon. It is also softer on the skin and cooler in the summer. Alas, poly chiffon doesn’t offer the same benefits… but it’s more affordable than pure silk and, all in all, it can be a pretty good imitation of silk chiffon. If you are working on a tight budget, it is an option you cannot rule out.


Silk chiffon: sheer and airy

. Cotton (as long as it’s a fine one) and silk-cotton are usually considered as lightweight fabrics. Whereas pure cotton scarves might feel sometimes a bit stiff and not always easy to tie, silk-cotton scarves combine the sheen of silk with the crisp of cotton. We can’t say enough how amazing this blend is. It’s a winner! 

custom-made-scarves-lightweight-fabric-silk-cotton-anne-touraine (1)

Silk-cotton: a winner!

. Cashmere, modal (a type of high-end viscose) and modal-cashmere blend are known and acclaimed for their extreme softness. Cashmere - a natural wool yarn - is of course much warmer than modal - a semi-synthetic fiber made from cellulose. Just keep in mind that cashmere has become one of the rarest and thus one of the most expensive fibers in the world and that, in addition to itching wallets, it may also itch sensitive skins…


Modal: an ultra soft material

► Scarf size

Depending on the scarf size (small, standard or large) and style (square or oblong) you are interested in, some lightweight fabrics are more appropriate than others.

. Silk chiffon and polyester chiffon have a flowing and romantic drape. They are perfect for large square or long oblong scarves. They are not recommended for small scarves.

custom-made-scarves-lightweight-fabric-silk-chiffon-oblong-how-to-wear-anne-touraine (4)

For a flowing and romantic style, chiffon fabrics are incomparable

. Silk-cotton is fine for pretty much all scarf sizes. If you are looking for a sophisticated custom bandana, it should be your #1 pick.

. Fluffy and cozy fabrics (cashmere, modal, modal-cashmere) work best with large oblong and infinity scarves. You can wrap them around your neck several times for a trendy and casual look or wear them around your shoulders for a dressier look.  

custom-made-scarves-lightweight-fabric-silk-chiffon-oblong-how-to-wear-anne-touraine (4)

Think fluffy fabric such as modal for infinity scarves!

► Destination of your custom scarves

Will the custom scarves you need be offered as gifts or used to complement a staff uniform? Do you want them to be subtle or outstanding? Functional or stylish, what’s more important to you? Think about these questions - and have answers to them before you make any final decision. 

. If you are looking for a resistant fabric (staff uniform / daily use) then, polyester chiffon or modal should certainly be on top of your list. Both will last long and won’t wrinkle easily.

. For a sophisticated gift go for high-end options such as silk chiffon, silk-cotton or cashmere – if you can afford it… which brings us to the last but important point: budget…

► Budget

Think wise, think budget! We all dream of the best but we all know that diamonds are more expensive than glass…  the same is true with fabrics. 

. If you are working on a tight budget, polyester chiffon remains the safest option. You won’t spend much while getting a decent custom scarf.

. Though it has become more affordable, silk obviously remains expensive compared to polyester. That being said nothing will ever replace the incomparable feel and look of pure silk!

. Compromise: a key word in our modern world! Your turn to make a clever compromise and to choose quality scarves for a reasonable price: at ANNE TOURAINE USA Custom Scarves and Ties we always recommend silk-cotton and modal fabrics as alternatives. Both make lovely lightweight custom scarves for a reasonable price. Most of our clients have learned it through us.

If you still have questions, make sure your ask ANNE TOURAINE USA Custom scarves and ties team. We know from experience which lightweight custom scarves will meet your requirements. We know what’s the best for you!