December 01, 2017 3 min read

Some months ago, ANNE TOURAINE USA Custom Scarves and Ties had the pleasure, honor and pride to create chic, unique and fancy custom scarves for ZENTANGLE™. Let me explain for those who aren’t be familiar with ZENTANGLE ™ what the art of “Zentangling” is: “it is a specific way to draw images, most often in black pen on white paper… It has become an international phenomenon that now has applications in stress reduction, education, therapy and even motivational training” – Cathy Malchiodi, Art Therapist. 

Zentangle art

It all started with this first message we received from Molly - ZENTANGLE™ product developer:

“I have been trying to get some custom scarves made for almost a year now. I just need to talk with someone to get the right advice on how to proceed. I want to talk about the best fabric and execution for creating what I am envisioning. Ideally the scarf would look like the art we have but I have just gone through this with another company and it was a mess so I need to educate myself about this process. Would love to talk more about this in detail. I filled in some sizes and materials above but ideally would love to discuss this to get a better idea of pricing and best material for our vision.”

No need to say, our goal was to make ZENTANGLE™ delighted with their custom scarves as they had obviously gone through a bad experience before contacting us!

Step #1: we submitted different scarf material proposals and soon after we did, the ZENTANGLE™ team agreed that modal would be a top-notch choice. Modal is a type of modern and high-end viscose. It makes soft, comfortable-to-wear and easy-to-tie scarves. It’s not cheap but it’s not as expensive as silk. Also, its fluid drape makes it perfect for oblong stoles (a scarf style the ZENTANGLE™ team had in mind).

Step #2: based on the artwork ZENTANGLE™ sent us, we suggested a scarf size (20”x 70”) which was quickly accepted. FYI, choosing the right scarf size requires attention. It depends on the original artwork of course but not only. It also depends on the fabric - fluffy or lightweight - and on those - classic styled or modern women - who are going to wear the scarf.

Customized scarves: Zentangle

Step #3: our in-house designers recommended a border size and a color (light gray) which would give a finishing touch to the final scarf.

Step #4: as ZENTANGLE™ intended to order several hundred scarves, we all agreed that a physical sample to check the result before mass production would be useful. Two weeks later, with the sample in hands, we all decided that the gray border needed to be darkened a little. Which we did.

Customized scarves: Zentangle scarf

And here is the email we received a few weeks after the bulk delivery: “Hi there… the scarf is a huge hit. Released it a few weeks ago and already have sold over 300 of them

Then here is the other message we received some more weeks later: “As I previously told you, we have been very pleased with the success of the scarf. People love them…. Please give me updated quotes for 500 and 750 scarves. We would like to get this going as soon as possible…”!

Thank you Zentangle™ team! ANNE TOURAINE USA Custom Scarves and Ties is thankful and proud to have you as one of its numerous customers.

If you too need custom scarves as well as custom pocket squares, ties and bow ties consult us and let us handle your project!