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Custom Printed Scarves & Pocket Squares


We are your U.S. specialists, excelling in the design and production of quality and affordable CUSTOM PRINTED SCARVES & POCKET SQUARES. Before requesting your quotation, discover below the numerous fabric, size and finishing options we offer.

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1. Design - you provide your own artwork or we create it free of charge!

You can provide your own artwork or ask our design studio to create your original and unique custom made scarves or pocket squares based on your logo and other brand elements that are part of your corporate image.


► If you have your own design, our design studio reviews your artwork to make sure it meets our manufacturing requirements. If necessary, we suggest and make the appropriate changes free of charge.

if you don't have your own design, we create and send you virtual samples (generally 3 to 4) based on your brand elements. You then select the design you prefer, and request any necessary modifications. Lastly, we generate and submit for your approval the final digital mock-up for production. This takes generally 1 to 2 business days and is free of charge.

2. Styles - here are some great ideas!

If you are seeking inspiration for your custom scarves or pocket squares, below are some classic and popular style ideas. Whether your custom made scarves or pocket squares are for a corporation, a governmental agency, a golf club, a college, a fraternity or your restaurant, you will certainly find a style you like and that we can adapt for you.

company-custom-made-scarves-design-logo-branded-uniforms-anne-touraine-usa (3)
company-custom-made-scarves-design-logo-branded-uniforms-anne-touraine-usa (2)
company-custom-made-scarves-design-logo-branded-uniforms-anne-touraine-usa (1)

Branded custom made scarves with repeated logo
Consider logoed scarves for trade shows or staff uniforms

custom-printed-scarves-pocket-squares-logo-seals-alumni-colleges-anne-touraine-usa (3)
custom-printed-scarves-pocket-squares-logo-seals-alumni-colleges-anne-touraine-usa (1)
custom-printed-scarves-pocket-squares-logo-seals-alumni-colleges-anne-touraine-usa (2)

Personalized scarves with crests or seals
Express your college, city or club pride with crest or seal inspired custom scarves

custom-printed-scarves-striped-design-logo-uniforms-anne-touraine-usa (3)
custom-printed-scarves-striped-design-logo-uniforms-anne-touraine-usa (1)

Striped custom made scarves
One will never go wrong with classic striped scarves

company-custom-printed-scarves-design-logo-promises-trade-shows-anne-touraine-usa (1)
company-custom-printed-scarves-design-logo-promises-trade-shows-anne-touraine-usa (3)
company-custom-printed-scarves-design-logo-promises-trade-shows-anne-touraine-usa (2)

Custom printed scarves with promises and quotes
Feature your company, college or organization promise on unique scarves

classic-custom-printed-scarves-pocket-squares-anne-touraine--manufacturer-usa (1)
classic-custom-printed-scarves-pocket-squares-anne-touraine--manufacturer-usa (4)

Classic custom made scarves
Elegant and classic designs make timeless scarves

custom-made-scarves-design-logo-artistic-celebration-anne-touraine-usa (2)
custom-made-scarves-design-logo-artistic-celebration-anne-touraine-usa (1)
custom-made-scarves-design-logo-artistic-celebration-anne-touraine-usa (3)

Artist and designer custom made scarves
Turn your art into fancy custom silk scarves!

3. Sizes - select a standard size or request specific dimensions!

Are you looking for classic European Ladies' scarves, bandanas, pocket squares, large oblong stoles or customized promotional infinity scarves? See our chart below for the most popular sizes we manufacture. Please note we can manufacture scarves and pocket squares of any size. Just ask us!

No need to take notes! All the sizes are listed in the scroll down menus of our Request for Quotation Form.

4. Fabrics - the widest selection:

Unlike other companies, we offer the widest assortment of fabrics such as fine 100% silks (silk twill, silk chiffon, silk satin, silk crepe, silk habotai) but also silk-cotton, cotton, wool, modal, modal-cashmere and polyesters (twill, satin, chiffon and polyester voile). Below is a list of these fabrics and a brief description of each of them. You can always request fabric swatches. We will be happy to priority mail them free of charge.

No need to take notes! All these fabrics are listed in the scroll down menus of our Request for Quotation Form.

5. Production:

A. Quality First!  At ANNE TOURAINE, quality is not only a mindset, but also a formalized system. Through strict procedures, we maintain control of quality throughout every step of production. This starts with Incoming Controls of raw materials and ingredients, then with In-Process quality controls to guarantee your custom made scarves and pocket squares are perfectly matching the specifications in terms of printing, colors and finishing. Finally, Outgoing quality assurance is conducted again in Sarasota, FL to insure your scarves or pocket squares are defect-free. Those that do not pass these steps are eliminated from the series and neither charged nor delivered to our customers.

B. Samples: For complex designs and large orders, we recommend a sample phase (3 to 4 weeks) prior to the series. If the design remains simple and if you need your scarves or pocket squares in the shortest possible time, you can skip this sampling phase. We can send you some pre-production photos instead. For orders over 1,000 custom scarves or pocket squares please note we offer free physical samples.

C. Mass Production:

► Digital Printing: Digital printing is the latest technology for printing textiles. The printers are similar to the ink jet printer you may have on your desk, but they are much larger and made for fabrics! Digital printing does not require screens, is compatible with any multicolored design, and is perfect for small quantities. It is also recommended for complex designs. However, final colors can appear in some cases slightly different from the original digital artwork.

► Screen Printing:  Screen printing is the traditional method for textile printing. In this process a design is imposed on a screen made of polyester or other fine mesh, with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance.

One color is printed at a time, so several screens (one for each color) are necessary to produce a multicolored scarf. Screen printing ensures perfect color rendering, defined by Pantone™ references (PMS).

D. Finishing:

► Hems: We recommend hand-rolled hems because they are durable, smooth and are the signature of high-quality and luxury custom scarves and pocket squares. For tighter budgets, we also offer machined hems which are less expensive.

► Care & brand labels:  A standard care label with the mandatory information is provided and stitched on to your neckwear at no cost. As an option, custom brand labels with your logo can be made and sewn on to your scarves and pocket squares. A fee applies for this additional service.

E. Minimum Order Quantities:

Please see below our minimum order quantities. In some cases, if you order several series of scarves and pocket squares with different designs at the same time, we can set aside these rules. Just contact us!

minimums custom silk scarves custom polyester scarves printed

6. Packaging:

► Your custom made scarves and pocket squares are delivered in free individual poly bags.

► For scarves and pocket squares to be given as corporate gifts for instance, luxurious scarf envelopes or hard boxes with your logo affixed or printed on them (minimum quantities required) are available for an additional fee. If requested, we will place your scarves in your envelopes or boxes at no extra cost.

7. Delivery:

After the final inspection, your custom printed scarves and pocket squares are gently packed and shipped from Sarasota, FL to your shipping address, with all necessary insurances. If requested, we can deliver them individually and at a reasonable price directly to your customers. Just ask us!

8. Marketing Services:

Our in-house graphic designers and photographers can provide you with all the additional marketing services you need:  

Printed & digital materials such as company story cards, thank you notes, how-to-wear booklets, line sheets, etc.

Photo shoots & video servicessuch as life style with models, close-ups, ambiance, etc.

Request your quotation now and receive it in a few business hours

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We look forward to serving you