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How to proceed

6 easy steps to order and receive your custom made neckwear


1. You contact us:

If you decide to contact us, please be sure to fill out our Request for Quotation Form   and indicate the following essential information:

► The  fabric you would like

► The  size for your scarves (and for your ties, if different from the classic size)

► The  quantities you intend to order

► Your custom  packaging needs, if you have any

► Your  timeline (we usually manufacture and deliver within 5 to 6 weeks)

For detailed information regarding, for instance, the fabric or the size of your future custom scarves and ties, or for our minimum order quantities, please read the  Custom Scarves   and  Custom Ties   sections of our website before sending your request. For further assistance, you can call us or send us a message : our specialists will be happy to help.

2. You receive our detailed quotation:

Once your detailed neckwear requirements are received, we immediately start working on your personalized quotation which you can expect within a few business hours.
Questions about your quotation? Please 
call us . The expert who has written your quotation will provide you with the right answers. If you need help selecting the most appropriate fabric for your scarves and ties, request swatches: we send them for free!

3. You compare:

Compare with other quotations you may have received:

► We  offer competitive and  all-inclusive prices (no hidden fees, unexpected customs duties or shipping costs) and we guarantee  the best quality.

► We are a  U.S. Corporation, operating from Sarasota, FL.

► We are humans, not machines! We assign you a  Project Manager who will be your personal contact throughout your project.

4. You place your order with us - Thank You!

When your order is confirmed, your Project Manager handles all the necessary tasks until delivery. If you sent us your design, the production will be launched right away. If you have requested our design services, one of our stylists will immediately start creating your scarves, ties or pocket squares. Within a day or two, we will submit a number of artwork proposals for your consideration. Your request for changes and modifications to the artwork are permitted until production begins.

5. We manufacture your neckwear and keep you informed:

Your Project Manager follows up with the factory to make sure that the production  perfectly meets your specifications and that your order is  delivered on time. Our policy is Zero Defects: your scarves, ties or pocket squares are inspected throughout the manufacturing process and those that do not pass our strict controls are neither delivered nor charged.  When the production nears completion, we contact you with an estimated delivery date.

6. We deliver:

Once your finished products are on their way from the plant, your Project Manager notifies you of the exact delivery date. When we receive your scarves and ties in our HQ in Sarasota, FL, we inspect them a very last time. Then we carefully pack and ship them. 

After we process your shipment, we send you the tracking number and make sure your package reaches its final destination. 

We look forward to serving you